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Jacqueline Parker

Phoenix, AZ
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Resume writer, 10+ years helping job seekers

When I started helping job seekers during the 2009 recession, I found that even just a single piece of solid advice could go a long way in preparing someone for their next opportunity.

After several years teaching in-person career workshops on how to write an ATS-optimized resume based on keywords found in job ads, I got certified as a Resume Writer and Career Development Facilitator to formalize my training and education in the field.

Subsequently I worked in recruitment advertising developing internal employees to work with businesses of all sizes with their hiring needs, and I now work as part of an HR team which helps recruit and develop internal employees.

My resume review for you will draw on all these years of experience in career development, during which I have taught hundreds of both active and passive job seekers about resume writing, interviewing for success, LinkedIn strategies, and overall best practices for professional success.

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Feedback from Job Seekers

December 3, 2020
This is the first time I ever had my resume professionally reviewed. Jacqueline did a great job explaining ways to improve my resume. She was very thorough and I agree with all her suggestions. I really like the fact that she was able to elaborate on her suggestions. I will definitely take all of her advice when I revise my resume. Thank you for time and effort!
November 20, 2020
Thank you so much Jacqueline! All of the feedback was presented in an organized and approachable way, with actionable advice. I appreciate the tie of resume and linkedin! I’m also so impressed with the turnaround time! One thing i did not mention was this resume format is only presented in my networking and outreach directly to recruiters. If I’m sending in an application with the expectancy to be scanned by ATS my resume has a different look. Content is the same however so I’m thankful for some the positive feedback on verbiage. In the profile, I wasn’t aware that bullets were acceptable, I will play around with it. I’d love to provide more quantifiable results in my experience, but I’ve hit a number of roadblocks with useful data. For example, a challenge with Neiman Marcus is with their bankruptcy proceedings, I’m hesitant to provide exact numbers, also the numbers would all be ranges, not one hard number. Is that acceptable? Overall a great learning experience with this review and the only request I would have is to also connect cover letter suggestions with the resume and/or Linkedin profile. Perhaps if there was a tier of services this could be applicable so the reviewer provides the appropriate amount of time and energy to the submission.
November 3, 2020
Super helpful - I didn't send an altered resume (which maybe I should've), but honestly was just curious about what a pro thought of my "natural" resume
November 1, 2020
Very prompt and to the point reworking of my resume. Jacqueline was very hands on with the whole process and tailored my resume according to the job I wish to apply for. I am more confident now that I am presenting my best self to the company. This was totally worth it !!
November 1, 2020
WOW!! This is an amazing service! I honestly learned so much already to improve my resume within the first few minutes. I will absolutely use Polished again! I Couldn’t recommend it more!
September 7, 2020
Was very in depth and useful insights and feedback. Very helpful to have this video.
September 3, 2020
Thank you, Jacqueline. Your feedback is super helpful and I look forward to implementing these changes on my resume.

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Resume writing, mock interviews, LinkedIn strategies, and career coaching.

Credentials & Awards

Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).

Jacqueline Parker

Phoenix, AZ
7 reviews

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