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Christina Seidel

Shippenville, PA
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10 years experience in hiring, including as a recruiter & HR director

I have over 10 years in experience in the hiring and recruiting field, including as a recruiter, administrator, manager, and HR Director.

I'm highly experienced in reviewing resumes and know first-hand what recruiters and hiring staff are looking for in their candidates.

I've helped countless people in shaping up their resumes and coaching them on how to land their dream job.

My specialties include resume reviews with feedback, resume writing, cover letter writing, and interview coaching. Leverage my expertise to gain an advantage in the job-hunt!

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Feedback from Job Seekers

November 16, 2020
Wow! Christina's feedback was SUPER constructive and helpful in providing guidance on steps I can take to update my resume to be more appealing to employers and HR. She had very specific feedback in her review, as follows: - Change color scheme to something more neutral - blue, gray, or green - Remove picture to create more space so that I can add "skills" chart to the bottom left bar - Change "Objective" to "Summary" - Beef Up "Summary" with experience, accomplishments, at least 3-5 sentences - Change work experience formatting from paragraphs to bullet points - Beef Up work experience by using STAR - Situation, Tasks, Actions, Results - Change the "Summary" for each job applied for using keywords Christina's feedback was super helpful and I appreciate it! :) Thank you, Rose
November 14, 2020
Christina was absolutely wonderful. This is my first time using Polished and it has such a welcoming feel. As I am getting my resume reviewed, I feel confident and empowered. Christina did a great job complimenting my strengths and offering constructive criticism on my weaknesses. I have never been so excited and encouraged to go edit my resume. Really, thank you.
November 5, 2020
Christina did a great overview of my resume and was very thorough in her feedback. I agree with the comments she's made and will adjust my resume accordingly. Thank you for the help!
November 4, 2020
Christina did an amazing job with my resume review! It was so helpful and she really went in depth. I also appreciate that it was done in a video format. The feedback was very useful. I recommend Christina to anyone looking to improve their resume.
November 3, 2020
Christina’s experience is just what I have been looking for! She can up with several ideas on reformatting, and things that I could add and expound on that would get my resume to the next level. I highly recommend Christina and the Polished team for any and all your resume needs!
November 2, 2020
Christina Siedel was right away very professional and straight to the point with some really great advice. Her advice was specific and relevant to my resume and I will definitely be making some improvements to my resume thanks to her. She gave great insight from the perspective of a hiring manager and pointed out some things that I hadn't considered yet.
September 15, 2020
Christina was great! She gave me clear feedback that I can use to immediately make changes to my resume, and also pointed out things I’ve already done well which was encouraging to hear. Great service!
August 27, 2020
That was very informative. Christina provided expert advice on how to update my resume. I found myself following along with her advice every step of the way, pausing and editing my resume as she spoke. I'd recommend everyone get professional critiques of their resume in order to find the best jobs possible. Thank you so much Christina and Polished!
August 26, 2020
Thank you, Christina. That was very clear and helpful!

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Christina Seidel

Shippenville, PA
9 reviews

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