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From the Founder

When I was getting back into the job market after years as an entrepreneur, I had to dust off a resume that hadn’t see the light of day since college.

I was at a San Francisco bootcamp at the time, and there was a career counselor on staff to use as a resource. She was great, helping me refine both my resume and LinkedIn profile.

Still, I wanted more feedback.

And I really wanted feedback from the very people whose attention I was trying to get: hiring professionals at startups.

Fortunately, it all worked out. I got a great job in business development at a startup in SF.

But years later, I couldn’t shake the sense that job seekers are flying blind when they position themselves to employers.

After a few false starts and iterations, Polished was launched.

It’s the product I wish I’d had myself back at that bootcamp.
Will Smith
Polished Founder

More about Polished

Read on to learn about the vision behind Polished, how to become involved, and our tech stack.

Our Vision

Preparing your resume is painful.

It’s one of the most difficult and unpleasant steps of the job search process.

That’s saying a lot given that most of the job search process is unpleasant.

Even excellent professionals struggle to effectively communicate their own value on the page.

So while an otherwise highly-capable pro might spend a few hours crafting her resume, the resulting document often fails to hit the mark.

(Just ask any recruiter how many resumes they toss out.)

There are existing solutions that address this issue, from resume builder technology to professional resume writing services.

Be we saw a way to approach the problem differently.

Like it or not, your resume is a marketing document.

It is meant to sell a service:


And like any service being marketed, there is a target market for that service.

In your case, the target market is the recruiters and hiring managers that look at your resume and decide whether to interview you.

So the concept behind Polished is to gather representatives of your target market — that is, recruiters in your industry — so you can learn how they react to your resume.

And, to make this process fast.

And high quality.

And affordable.

So within a couple days and the price of a meal, you can transform your resume into a powerful, market-tested document that accelerates your job search dramatically.

You will land more interviews, more quickly, leading ultimately to your final goal:

A job offer.

How Reviewers are Chosen

Polished is still a young platform, and we are currently adding reviewers to the site one by one. (Contact us here if you’d like to be considered.)

There are a variety of factors we use to evaluate prospective reviewers before admitting them to the platform, but ultimately it will be a reviewer’s performance actually giving resume reviews that determines their long-term involvement with Polished.

If a reviewer provides super valuable guidance that helps job seekers really improve their resumes and get interviews, that reviewer's positive ratings (and earnings) will swell to reflect the value they've delivered.

Over time, we aim for Polished to evolve in the direction of a traditional self-serve marketplace, where new reviewers can sign up to deliver resume reviews and generate income without so much of our involvement.

We expect to always have some sort of vetting filters in place to ensure that every reviewer on Polished is capable and competent, but over time those filters should become more automated.

Such self-service will also enable the platform to scale across more industries than we could tackle with our current hands-on processes.

Over the long term, we see the Polished platform populated with recruiters and hiring pros from every industry and every country, delivering extremely valuable but affordable feedback to job seekers who wouldn’t otherwise have access to such specialized guidance.

Tech Stack (#nocode)

Polished is proudly built with no-code and low-code tools:

Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, Memberstack, Stripe, and Uploadcare.

We did have to lean on JavaScript custom code here and there, but probably no more than 200 lines exist throughout the site. #nocode!

If you're still reading...

We’re located in downtown San Francisco and love to network. (Yes, really.)

If you do too, let’s get coffee.

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