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Eyes of a Recruiter
Your resume has a specific target audience: the recruiter and hiring manager you want a job from. So you should get feedback on your resume from someone who has a similar perspective. Reviewers on Polished work as recruiters or in some other hiring capacity.
Industry & Career Specialization
On Polished you can easily identify the most qualified reviewer to evaluate your resume. So don’t track someone down via your network and awkwardly asking them to look at your resume. Just use a reviewer with the necessary focus right here on Polished.
Fast Results
Is there a job you need to apply to ASAP? Reviewers on Polished work fast, with some delivering reviews within 24 hours. So getting a resume review here is the fastest way to take your existing resume from perfectly optimized for that job opening.
Huge Return on Investment
If you secure a job even one single day earlier by incorporating the feedback from a reviewer on Polished, the money you spent will have generated a great return on investment. ( * Based on the prices of reviews, which range from $19 to $59.)
Your Resume, Your Voice
After incorporating the feedback from a reviewer on Polished, your resume will still reflect you. Your reviewer's job is to show you how to improve and perfect what you already have without losing the tone and personality you brought to the original document.
Diversity of Input
Many job seekers purchase a review from two or three reviewers on Polished in order to get multiple informed perspectives on their resumes. They then choose the feedback that resonates with them most to incorporate into their resumes.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the value provided by the video review you receive from a reviewer on Polished, just let us know within 30 days, and we will refund your purchase. No questions asked.
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Can I have my LinkedIn profile reviewed?


If you would like to have your LinkedIn profile reviewed, include a link to it when you submit the resume-upload form, and your chosen reviewer will review that instead of your resume.

(Note that this is instead of, not in addition to, a resume review. If you want both your resume and your LinkedIn reviewed, you would have to submit two separate orders.)

Important: You'll still have to upload your resume because our form requires a file attachment before it can be submitted. If you don't want to upload your resume, any other random document file will do.

Are reviewers employed by Polished?

No, the reviewers on Polished are independent hiring professionals who have signed up to help job seekers and earn money on the platform.

Polished is just a marketplace, not a resume services company.

Why should I pay for a reviewer on Polished when I can get a “free resume review” elsewhere?

Glad you asked.

Most of those free reviews are automated; your resume is simply run through a program that spits out a scripted, generic assessment. Try submitting a few different resumes to those services and watch as the resulting “reviews” are 95% identical.

By contrast, the review you get from Polished is a truly personalized, human experience.

Your reviewer sits down with the background information you provide and verbally walks you through her advice for improving the resume. If you’ve provided a link to a job you’re targeting, she incorporates that as well.

The entire review is recorded on video, so you can even notice visual cues that a written review wouldn’t capture.

It’s like being a fly on the wall of a hiring manager’s office as they look at your resume.

How long will my video resume review be?

The video reviews from Polished reviewers typically range from 10 to 15 minutes.

So that's 10 to 15 minutes that the reviewer is examining your resume and demonstrating all the ways you can improve upon it.

Can I purchase multiple reviews?


This is a great strategy to get a valuable cross section of perspectives on your resume.

Since you will likely apply to more than one job, multiple hiring managers -- each with their own perspective -- will look at your resume.

So getting multiple perspectives up front using Polished is a great way to make it the strongest document it can be before you start applying to jobs.

How quickly will I receive my resume review?

This depends on the reviewer, but most review delivery times fall between 24 and 72 hours.

Each reviewer displays her delivery time on her profile, so be sure to note that before selecting a reviewer.

Are the resume reviews done live, as a conversation between me and the reviewer?


The reviewer records their review of your resume on their own, as a monologue.

That video recording is then sent to you to watch and rewatch as many times as you like.

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