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These are some pictures of our work.  We not only do work for bike shops & bike builders but folks like West Newbury Wagon Works and Saltaire Aircraft Refinishers to name a few.  We've also been featured on Muscle Car Workout television show.  Click on pictures below to enlarge.


bikephotos/kkddlld.jpg bikephotos/Picture182.gif bikephotos/Pictur.jpg bikephotos/shop.jpg
bikephotos/adbeforeafter.jpg bikephotos/rocker.jpg bikephotos/stevemotor1.jpg bikephotos/cases.jpg
bikephotos/carbhorn.jpg bikephotos/covers.jpg bikephotos/rotor.jpg bikephotos/cylinder.jpg

Flying Piston
Made from piston, rod, two pieces of aluminum, and a derby cover.

Coming Soon New Desklamps by Henry

 We also love to do creative art with used motorcycle and car parts.  Got an idea we can probably do it.