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Motorcycle detailing and polishing is our speciality.  From all out show bikes to everyday riders we take great pride in every job we do.  We even make the ugliest fork legs look better than new and we do it on the bike!  Harley rotors are completely polish including the cutouts so rust won't come back up.  Yes we polish harley motors.  Below are some pics of our work.  Click on image to enlarge.

bikephotos/kkddlld.jpg bikephotos/Picture182.gif bikephotos/Pictur.jpg bikephotos/shop.jpg
bikephotos/adbeforeafter.jpg bikephotos/rocker.jpg bikephotos/stevemotor1.jpg bikephotos/cases.jpg
bikephotos/carbhorn.jpg bikephotos/covers.jpg bikephotos/rotor.jpg bikephotos/cylinder.jpg

gallerypics/420.JPG gallerypics/2113.jpg gallerypics/redheader.jpg gallerypics/1175.JPG
gallerypics/71418_524842474220594_799767656_n.jpg gallerypics/nailhead.jpg gallerypics/sport017.jpg gallerypics/750f012.jpg
gallerypics/hummerh2.jpg gallerypics/spinner.jpg gallerypics/004.jpg gallerypics/propellerblade.JPG
gallerypics/cover.jpg gallerypics/displaycase.jpg gallerypics/pt22.jpg gallerypics/firelamp.jpg
gallerypics/002.jpg gallerypics/1006.jpg gallerypics/23004.jpg

This is the 1959 BMW we won first place with at the 2013 Daytona Bike Week Rats Hole Show in the Antique/Classics Restored division.  Photography by Jim Dohms.